Yorkshire Vets

What is it?

For those new, or not so new, runners looking to dip their toes into the world of ‘competitive’ racing, the Yorkshire Vets Grand Prix is the ideal opportunity for a gentle introduction. It also gives you the satisfaction of representing your club and the chance to wear your Roundhay Runners running vest with pride!

The league is an inter-club, individual & team competition between all the best running clubs in the area. It is run from Spring to Autumn and there are usually about 10 races, either held at the weekend or on evenings over the summer. All the races are fairly local and hosted by regional running clubs. The league is for runners aged 35 and over, but runners aged 33 and over can still enter as a guest. All entrants need a club vest, which are available from the clubs Kit Secretary Gareth Sherratt. The races are not long, usually about 5 miles, although some are a little hilly!

They are as ‘cheap as chips’ to enter – usually including food afterwards. Most races can be done in road shoes, though with our inclement weather they can be a bit muddy/slippery so a pair of trail shoes may be advisable. You need to register online,  http://www.yvaa.org/grand-prix/ at least 24 hours before your first race, and will be given a race number which you keep for the series. You can do all the races, or just a few if you prefer.

These are low key and friendly races, though still very competitive at the sharp end. There are prizes for each age category from 35 to 80, and the season ends with an annual dinner where the series prizes are awarded.