1) What night and where do Roundhay Runners meet?

We train all year round and our main club sessions are every Tuesday and Thursday at 6.50pm to run for 7pm from North Leeds Cricket Club, Old Park Road, LS8 1JX.

2) What sessions does the club currently offer?

We offer our members interval sessions on a Tuesday evening at 6.50pm and Group Runs at a variety of paces and distances on a Thursday evening at 6:50pm, these tend to be anywhere between 40 to 60 minutes. We occasionally offer trail runs which meet in various locations around North Leeds. All club sessions can be viewed on Spond the clubs booking app which you will receive access to when you join the club.

We also have a facebook group, where members can arrange ad hoc runs.

3) How far do you run in a session?

The interval sessions on a Tuesday typically involve speedwork or hillwork involving repetitions). On our Thursday group runs we offer a range of paces and distances from a social 5km run up to approx 12km which are carefully planned to ensure suitability for all levels.

4) Do you cater for absolute beginners?

We have previously ran 8 week beginner courses which are an excellent and enjoyable way of making the step-up to our main club sessions. We are hoping to restart these again in the future.

Currently to join our main club sessions we ask that you are able to complete 5km run at any pace without stopping.

5) Do you cater for a range of running paces?

Yes – we have a good spread of abilities represented in the club from leisurely runners to sub 3-hour marathoners.

6) Can I try out a session before committing to the club?

Yes – we are now offering taster sessions to prospective new members so come along and give us a try. Please email rr.clubsec@gmail.com for more information and to arrange a taster session. Hopefully you’ll find the club welcoming and would like to join us as a member which costs only £30 for the year.

7) How much does it cost to join Roundhay Runners?

Membership is only £30 a year and we are accepting new members to the club. Please see the membership page for more details, click here.