UKA and EA affiliation

United Kingdom Athletics (UKA) and England Athletics (EA) are the national governing bodies for athletics. For more information please see their website:

With membership of Roundhay Runners you are also registered with UKA. The main advantage of being a member of UKA is the discounts for entering events. This is typically £2 and the covers insurance for the event; runners who are not part of UKA have to pay extra for each event to cover this insurance.

As Roundhay Runners is an affiliated running club with UKA and EA, there are the following advantages:

  • Funding programmes to benefit affiliated clubs
  • Dedicated support for clubs from CCSOs (Club and Coach Support Officers)
  • Insurance for affiliated clubs and their members
  • Subsidised training events for club members
  • Visits to clubs from expert coaches to support athlete development
  • Discounts on coaching courses for registered club members (Coaching Assistant, Athletics Coach and Coach in Running Fitness qualification)
  • Funding community athletic coach positions boost local opportunities
  • Club member welfare and DBS record checking
  • Resources and training programmes to support club development
  • National Championships across a wide range of event groups
  • Major national and regional award programme to recognise the efforts of the volunteer
  • Specialist national and regional events, seminars and conferences to support coaches, officials, athletes and volunteer
  • Benefits and support for competition organisers
  • Delivery of licensed coach, teacher and officials education programmes
  • Development of up-to-date resources for coaches, teachers and officials
  • Specialist conferences and technical workshops for coaches, teachers and officials
  • Introducing athletics to young people through the club–school links project
  • Working with established bodies to secure more investment for talent development