1) Do you only run on Thursdays?

Yes – currently our regular club night is a Thursday, although members use the facebook page to arrange informal runs on other nights and weekends.


2) How far do you run in a session?

Sessions alternate each week between an interval session (typically speedwork or hillwork involving repetitions) which is planned to be suitable for all levels, and ‘longer run’ weeks where there are groups for approx. 5-6km, 7-8km and 10km+.


3) Do you cater for absolute beginners?

Our shorter run group is aimed at those newer to running, or coming back from injury etc, but we advise that to get the most out of the group you are able to jog steadily for 20-30 minutes before joining. Information on how to work up to this distance is available at: www.nhs.uk/livewell/c25k/Pages/couch-to-5k.aspx


4) Do you cater for a range of running paces?

Yes – we have a good spread of abilities represented in the club from leisurely runners to sub 3-hour marathoners.


5) Can I try out a session before committing to the club?

Yes – you are welcome to try out a session for free before deciding whether to join.


6) How much does it cost to join Roundhay Runners?

Please see the membership page for more details, click here.