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Typical Routes

There are three groups with different length routes according to ability.


Short Route

Typically 3km to 5km, this group caters for members who are new to running or recovering from injury.



Typically 7km, this group caters for runners who are comfortable doing the distance but not quite ready for the main group.

Birchwood Hill (x1)

Old Park Road, Gledhow Valley, Street Lane

More intermediate routes coming soon.


Main Group

Typically 10km, this group caters for anyone who can already run the distance and challenges them by varying the speed and terrain.

Birchwood Hill (x2)

Shadwell Route (10k)

Roundhay-Shadwell-Roundhay 7 miles


Alwoodley 13km

Gledhow Valley-Stonegate-Street Lane 10k

Gledhow Valley 10k

Birchwood Hill – Gledhow Valley



The week after a steady run will be an intervals session. Click here for more information about intervals.