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Honourable Mentions 2013

2013 has been a great year for Roundhay Runners. The club continues to grow and go from strength to strength.

Everyone had the opportunity to vote for the most improved/inspirational runner, the best running achievement and the member of the year. There was also the opportunity to suggest any honourable mentions. Sadly not everyone can win an award so it’s important to note that there were some fantastic things said about lots of members.

It’s important to note that it’s not just those as the top of the time sheets that get a mention here. There have been so many contributions throughout the club and even the smallest gesture of support or encouragement can have a huge impact and make a huge difference.

Well done everyone.

Eleanor Parker

…for staunch attendance, she regularly shows up to parkrun with a hangover and still manages to set a PB. She is just a very positive member of the club and obviously loves to run.

Mike Mansfield

…for encouraging others to join the club.

Rav Panesar

…for being the best new member/second claimer.

Adrian Knock

since his first session he’s really improved each week.

He’s really come on in his running since he started in the summer. When he first began he was concerned he’d never get fit or fast enough. Now he’s flying and entering races with bags of confidence.

Ash Hewitt

Not so long ago I was walking with him when he couldn’t keep up, and now he’s consistently in the long run group.

Phil Hill

…for completing the recent Yorkshire marathon after only joining the club in January, he has inspired me to do one next year!

Mandy Panesar

…for being able to train for and successfully complete a marathon with two young children, very impressive. I’m not sure I could do it!

…for the Yorkshire Marathon – epitomised the spirit of our club. Had setbacks on the way, including late injury but wasn’t derailed. Trained and raced 26.2 with a smile, sheer determination and companionship with Alex.

Sarah Oldroyd

…for continually getting injured but not giving up and coming straight back as soon as possible. For wanting to be a part of the club (and club secretary) even when she’s moved away.

Ann Chivers

…for her encouragement and the work she puts in.

…for all her time and enthusiasm for the club.

…for vocal inspiration when you most need it.

…for being a demon with the whistle!

…for providing the best vocal encouragement of any member.

…for unending dedication to the club and doing so much to keep it running.

You can never fail to hear her helping other runners and motivating them, made me and others feel very welcome when starting up with Roundhay Runners.

In my opinion clubs like Roundhay Runners thrive for two reasons: the inspiration and the organisation. There are plenty of inspiring people at the club (of which Ann is one herself), but all of the stuff going on in the background is what really makes things tick. For me, Ann is Roundhay Runners.

Ann is always enthusiastic, welcoming and encouraging to all. The inclusive friendly attitude of the club is what I like about it best and I think Ann embodies this!

Anne Lewis

…for still enjoying running in her 70’s, I hope I’m running when I’m that age.

…for the inspiring 1st place in age category at the Abbey Dash.

Mags Cook

…for going from strength to strength at parkrun.

…for representing the older end of our membership with aplomb, consistency and modesty.

…for running for the love of it, not for the glory. Great to see.

…for lots of parkrun PBs, she recently completed the great south run of 10 miles which is fantastic. She said earlier this year that she didn’t think she could do it and yet she has trained hard and completed it. Well done Mags.

Allan Dodds

…for his general commitment to the club and his brilliant half ironman debut at Virtruvian.

…for inspiring all around him with enthusiasm and encouragement whilst being the most modest man ever. He always makes me want to do my best.

…for relentless positive support and encouragement – promoter of sound advice to all abilities – champion of races and new activities to broaden the interest and appeal across our membership.

Allan seems to be either busy supporting runs or running them, either way he’s always committed to the club…..plus he’s the brains behinds some of the delightful interval sessions we all look forward to so much.

Bobak Walker

…for being the king of stretches, London Marathon warrior and effortless speedster.

Chris Cobb

…for being the most enthusiastic new male member.

…for epitomising what the club is about. He has taken on challenge after challenge and has shown huge improvement since being a Roundhay Runners member.

…for improving week after week at Parkruns, various races and topped with a great PB at the Abbey Dash.

…for huge amounts of improvement. Lots of PBs in parkrun, 10k, half marathon and marathon. Big improvement from being towards the back of the main group when he first joined to regularly keeping up with the fast boys at the front. Good work and good running Chris.

…for continually posting those PBs and for turning up and running the PECO XC on an epic 30th birthday hangover. Good effort!

Alastair Urquhart

…for being the all-round Roundhay Runners member. A true athlete. Leading sessions, great marathon training and a really great reflective and inspiring account of his marathon training plan.

…for managing to secure a place in the Boston Marathon. Impressive!!

…for being an inspirational runner: In his own personal training Alistair is so determined to succeed, he creates a plan and sticks to it, to the letter. This has seen him smash his half marathon PB at the Great Scottish Run and get a new full marathon PB twice this year, first at Edinburgh and the again at York. As a team mate, he supports runners of all abilities and is always there with handy tips and advice. To be in the vets category 45+ and still setting PBs is something I hope to be doing when I am his age.

Alistair has gone from strength to strength ever since he started seriously training for the Edinburgh marathon earlier on in 2013. I’ve lost count of how many personal bests he’s had this year at every distance, his time in the Yorkshire Marathon was especially impressive. He’s shown that with enough determination anyone at the club can reach their goals. He’s also been a very strong member of the Roundhay Runners team, particularly when planning weekend runs and Thursday night sessions.

Always very supportive of us slower runners, with a Woody from Toy Story motto no (runner) gets left behind!

Alistair doesn’t just want to do well himself – he wants you to do well as well. His first priority after finishing The Yorkshire Marathon was to get himself into a prime position on the finishing straight to support everyone else. Even on the way round he was shouting encouragement!

In the last year (starting with winning the Most Enthusiatic New Member award) Alistair has become a key member of the Roundhay Runners team. He’s taken a lot of pressure off Ann in particular, is reliable and encouraging and in spearheading the juniors division next year will continue to help to take the club to the next level.

Daniel Clark

…for the Nottingham Marathon in September 2013. Dan ran the London Marathon in 2013 and admits that he had a shocking race. To sign up for another marathon, Nottingham, and complete it in his target time of 3 hours 30 minutes is an amazing achievement. Others, in his shoes would have given up at that distance.

Vicky Annis

…for inspiring me to run further and faster. Thank you.

Darren Rogers

…for his effort at the Yorkshire Marathon. He was injured beforehand, forgot his watch on the day, ran with a bloody foot and was absolutely gutted to finish in 03:31. The look on his face when he found out he had actually done 03:29 was fantastic!

…for turning up late every Thursday!

Rob Daly

…for being so visible in the club, his love of running is infectious and I think he’s brings so much to the club with his enthusiasm, personality, support (three different locations at the York marathon!) and not forgetting his race times which we can all boast about on behalf of Roundhay Runners!

Super fast, super friendly and seems to get better and better! Well done Rob!

Churning out increasingly impressive times over all the distances. For most of us it would take a lifetime of training to stand any chance of turning out what Rob does on a training run in to or back from work.

Completed his first half marathon in 1.18, then first full marathon in 2.48 and smashed his 10k PB with a 33.30 time, not to mention he is a fantastic guy. A real credit to the Roundhay Runners club, his records will be talked about for years to come and inspire a new generation of future runners to reach and exceed their potential. He is someone that has the potential to become an elite athlete and continues to excel in every race he runs. The man is a machine.

Fantastic story about his weight loss and getting into running and doing first marathon in an outrageous time.

Inspiring commitment to high mileage and running for sheer enjoyment, capped off with a phenomenal marathon effort and club records galore.

A great training partner and great company.
Running a 2:48 marathon wouldn’t have been possible 12 months ago. Stunning dedication, incredible ability and metronomic race pace. Both most improved and most inspirational.
Think Rob will need his “Mo who?” t-shirt printing soon.

His facebook comment in October of having run over 200 miles inspired me and a couple of friends to aim for 100 miles in November. Thanks Rob!

Laura Dransfield

…for being the most enthusiastic new female member.

…for finishing 14th female in the PECO cross country race which was a very hilly course!

Stu Helmore

…for that photo. Game face of the year.

…for taking on the website role and filling it with lots of content and useful stuff.

…for the most amounts of toilet breaks needed during sessions.

Personally and from what I have witnessed, Stu has been brilliant at taking time to look after and get to know new members. Stu also volunteers regularly at training – back-marking etc to put the needs of the club always before his own aspirations. Puts me to shame!

…for completing his 1st marathon this year in a very respectable time, great running buddy, very motivating.

Rachael Dodds

…for keeping the marathon runners on the road with excellent sports massage and for being a supporter extraordinaire.

…for the fantastic sports massages. Got me back running a lot quicker after my injury than I would have done otherwise. Thanks Rachael!

Committee and admin team

All the committee for organising, running and helping the club continue to grow.

Allan, Alistair, Ann and others for organising the Thursdays so slickly. I’ve only been turning up a short while but I’ve been really impressed with the time they give up.

Allan Dodds, Pete Wilkie particularly. Also Ann Chivers, Gary Butterfield and Sarah Oldroyd. I should have voted for all of them too, but I see their contribution having stretched back to the beginning of Roundhay Runners and I’ve voted for new stars in 2013 in our ranks. I’ve learned so much from Allan, Pete, Ann, Sarah and Gary, I’m really grateful.

A general big thanks to all the Roundhay Runners posse who plan and take the sessions each week.
The committee, you do a fantastic job!
Continued behind the scenes stuff of the admin team. Without this unsung work there would be no club. There are too many names to mention.
Alistair and Alan generally keeping things going and being there most weeks. Many more working behind the scenes, Allison, Stu and a whole load more I’ve probably annoyed for not mentioning!