Friday 18th June 2014 7.00pm

This Friday sees the club taking part in our first Washburn Valley Relay.

We have 5 teams entered see below.


  Team A Team B Team C Team D Team E
Leg 1(3.02 Miles) James Carvello Antony Toulson Alexandra Burns Alissa Sharma Alison Munroe
Leg 2(4.1 Miles) Pete Wilkie Stephen Shaw Kath Lambert Ann Chivers Ed Freckleton
Leg 3(3.3 Miles) Rob Daly Bobak Walker Chris Cobb Lucy Armstrong Phil Burton

The race starts at 7.00pm but please be there in plenty of time.

To view the route of each leg please click on the following link; wvrroutemapadults

For full information on the event please look the following website:

If your not racing it would be great if you can come and support your fellow foxes.