Sunday 21st April 2013

By Pete Wilkie

London Marathon 2013 (8)

Going into this race I had 3 goals – to run sub 3:10, to run a negative split, and to enjoy the day.  I managed two of those, and upon reflection I don’t feel too bad about not achieving my goal of running a negative split, particularly when apparently the elite men also ran a faster first half than second half (although that’s where any similarity between me and them ends!).

My thoughts of the day are:

  • It was seamlessly organised.  From the registration process, the free travel on trains and underground in London, the arrangements for leaving kit at the start and collecting it at the end, the provision of changing areas, pacers, the frequent water points etc.  This made it a very easy event to participate in and avoided there being any additional stresses. Everything was planned to enable you to achieve your best.

London Marathon 2013 (2)

  • There was incredible support from staff and volunteers.  Running the race there was hardly any point when there weren’t people lining the streets shouting and cheering you on.  The feeling of encouragement was phenomenal and I’m sure made a difference to performance on the day.  It was also good to be running it with other RRs.  At the start I met both Bobak and Mike, and both helped calm my nerves – thanks guys.

  • It was hard work.  That was partially my fault due to running too fast in the first 75% of the race and then struggling a bit in the last 12km.  Trying to run a good time in a marathon is never going to be easy, but the last 5km really were physically and mentally painful. Any long distance run is a test; but of yourself by yourself. As the official photos show I spent most of the last section grimacing, but still setting one foot in front of the other time and time again.

London Marathon 2013 (18)

  • The route is fun.  It’s varied with views of a lot of different parts of London.  To tell you the truth most of the time I wasn’t looking at them as I was simply staring ahead trying not to let my pace slow excessively, but the feeling of participating in such an iconic event is one that I will probably remember and be proud of forever.