This Thursday 4th April we leave the comfort and warmth of our winter home at the tennis club and move to the park. This means we’ll be meeting at the tram car park just down from the Roundhay Fox¬†so if you turn up to the tennis club you’ll have to hot foot it over to the car park to avoid missing the beginning of training.

The main advantage of moving closer to the park is so that we can do what we do best, run in Roundhay Park. There are no changing facilities so please turn up ready to run.

Roundhay Park has some fantastic routes and trails giving us much more flexibility and the possibility for more interesting ¬†interval and hill sessions. I’m sure Ann and Alistair have been cooking up some fun new sessions for us to try.

Now to the important stuff, the Roundhay Fox is the closest watering hole and this is where most post-run drinks will be held.


See you Thursday for some exciting summer running.